TAVIT Technologies is one of Israel’s leading manufacturers of decorative packaging labels, specializing in manufacturing a variety of self-adhesive labels for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, agrochemicals, and wine industries.


Beverages & Wine

Stamping and embossing.

Personal Care

Durable adhesive, resealing, decorative labels.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Adhesives for nutritional supplement bottles and other pharmaceutical products.

Detergents & Agrochemicals

Pesticide labels, resealable labels, and booklets.




Total Green Recycling

Labels that enable the recycling of any packaging.

We adapt the raw materials that we use for labels to be the same as the packaging, ensuring all packaging can be recycled. 

If the label’s raw material is not the same as the package, we make necessary adjustments to the coverage percentage of the label – in order for raw materials to be detected during the sorting process.

Total Green Resourcing

Labels made from responsible sources.

We work tenaciously to locate responsible sources of raw materials for both the sticker, and the liner. 

Our renewable and diverse source solutions include recycled materials, paper from renewable forests, as well as bio-based PE & PP plastics.

Total Green Reusability

Reusable packaging with multi-use labels.

After reusable packaging has been emptied of its original contents, a multi-use sticker can be used to print brand graphics on the top layer.

Following its use, the top branded layer of the sticker can once again be removed and reused.


In today’s competitive market, innovative, eye-catching, and decorative packaging is more important than ever. Our design team and advanced printing capabilities will ensure your packaging is the ideal creative solution, tailored to your needs.

Pre-Press Phase

Before print production, our designers plan and create your customized labels, using the most advanced softwares on the market.

Print Production Phase

Our comprehensive print production ensures the standards you deserve. We are able to print in all quantities and sizes through our use of innovative printing technology and high quality raw materials.

Post-Production Phase

In order to differentiate your packaging from competitors, TAVIT takes your packaging to the next level. We offer additional decorative services such as embossing and embedding.


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Production Manager

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