Our Group

Waizer Technologies Group is a private holdings company based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
WTG’s two major holdings are TAVIT Technologies and DielTech. TAVIT Technologies is a leading manufacturer of packaging decoration labels in Israel. DielTech specializes in advanced adhesive solutions, primarily for medical devices.

Our Values

We believe that our success had came from our experience, deep understanding of the market, as well as our key values; precision, expertise, and innovation. At WTG, we invest in ourselves so we can invest in you. By investing resources in our marketing, engineering, development, and manufacturing teams, we are able to continuously push for innovation. Our innovation has enabled us to own several patents in adhesive solutions, resealing and security tapes products.

  • Expertise


    Guided by 50 years of knowledge.

  • Precision


    Meticulously accurate in all that we do.

  • Innovation


    Boundary breaking knowledgeable experience.

Code of Ethics

The People

We understand that we are only as good as our people. For that reason, we are committed providing employees with the following:

  • We provide our employees with equitable compensation and safe working environment.
  • We advocate for diversity and uphold equal opportunities in the workplace.
  • We equip our employees with initiatives to support their personal and career development.
  • We cultivate an ethical place of work, fostering respectful interpersonal relationships.

Suppliers & Customers

At WTG, we emphasize the importance of ethical accountability in all of our interactions, suppliers and customers alike.

  • We abstain from all conflicts of interest, in line with our commitment to honest and fair business practices.
  • We only use the best suppliers to ensure high-quality production of products, complying with ISO9001 standards. 
  • We guarantee efficient and high-quality customer service satisfaction.

Environment & Community

We are dedicated reducing our impact on the environment, starting with actions in our own communities.

  • We pledge to reduce our ecological and carbon footprint.
  • We continuously work towards offering innovative recycling options for our customers.
  • We provide assurance to the communities we operate in, that we will actively listen and take the necessary actions.


Boaz Waizer

Chairman of The Board

Yossi Peled

Board Member

Ohad Waizer

CEO & Board Member


Ohad Waizer

CEO & Board Member

Shlomi Even

Chief Operating Officer

Larissa Grizmann

Procurement Manager

Chen Leker

Division Manager, DielTech Division

Yakkov Zamir

Manager, Tavit Sales & Business Development